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September 13, 2007


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September 06, 2007

Hugh Hewitt Getting Blowback Over His "Fred Thompson Has Cancer" Post

Check out his comments.

Hugh is now sayng nice things about Fred
Because Fred has cancer and is going to DIE!

You can't get mad at Hugh for bringing up Fred's health any more than you get mad at a rattlesnake for wanting to bite you or a scorpion who wants to sting you. It is what they do. Fred is in Mitt's way. It is Hugh's job to get anyone in Mitt's way, out of Mitt's way.

Hugh is a chained attack dog for the Romney campaign.

Just no toe tapping or "wide stances" between Hugh and Mitt during the radio interview.
It doesn't surprise me that Hugh would be purging people's comments. Seems to be the favored MO. When someone's ideas get between Hugh and his wide love for Mitt, LOOK OUT!
The Romney people need to know that this kind of garbage is being spewed for him. Mitt is a stand up guy, and should disassociate himself from Hewitt ASAP. This disgusting crap can only hurt Mitt when it hits the wider press. This story is not going away. Mitt needs to make a statement.

Mitt Romney may want to tell his pet blogger to roll over and play nicer...

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Why The Right Will Help Sen. Clinton To Win

They simply cannot contain themselves. Today's story is an alleged burglary at liar Kathleen Willey's house of the manuscript for her book being published by WorldNetDaily. Willey, of course, sees a dark Clinton black operation.


If she wins the presidency the black helicopter conspiracy brigade will be back in full, amusing force (Did you know Hillary Clinton was at Dealey Plaza in 1963 on the grassy knoll !!!!!!)

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New Jersey Corruption Arrests

I don't think any local official will ever top D.C.'s mayor for life Marion Barry for public corruption scandals - that is, being caught on tape smoking crack (and he later got elected to the city council!) - but this New Jersey sweep has got to be up there on the list:

Eleven public officials were charged Thursday in a widespread FBI corruption investigation in New Jersey, officials said.

Among those charged were Passaic Mayor Sammy Rivera and State Assemblyman and Orange Mayor Mims Hackett, investigators said.

FBI agents made the early morning arrests that included current and past Board of Education officials from Pleasantville. Current Board President James Pressley, board member Rafeal Velez and former board members Jayson Adams, James McCormick and Pete Callaway were all arrested. Callaway is currently serving as a member of the Pleasantville City Council.

What, no dog catchers involved?

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Romney vs. Thompson Heats Up

Flip Flopping Mitt Romney and Hollywood Actor Fred Thompson are clearly vying over the same batch of the Republican base - the lunatic religious right - and as such you can probably expect some elbows to be thrown. In this instance it's the Romney campaign's all-but-unofficial blog hack Hugh Hewitt who essentially screams from the top of his lungs: "DID YOU KNOW THAT FRED THOMPSON HAD CANCER? YES, LIFE-THREATENING CANCER! CANCER, I SAY!"

Pass the popcorn.

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Larry Craig: It's Not The Bathroom Trolling

Why is the idea percolating that because Larry Craig was apparently hooking up with men in a public bathroom that that's why he should leave the Senate? Honestly, who cares about his orientation except to point out when he hypocritically votes against gays? I see the main issue as a public official getting arrested then purposefully hiding it from his constituents. If your senator gets busted, shouldn't you know? That's the main wrong in what Craig did, and not the supposed "ick" factor.

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Pragmatism Vs. Perfection

That, at the heart, is what I think my reaction to the "Bush Dog" effort comes down to. This is a strategy by folks like Matt Stoller to attack Democrats with more conservative than desired voting records, and I guess challenge them in primaries. Ok, fine I guess. But to someone like myself who figures even a conservative Dem is better than a Republican, it seems kind of futile. A lot of the Democrats listed are the only kind of Democrats likely to be elected in their districts. Nick Lampson represents TX-22, which was Tom DeLay's seat. Does anyone really think such a conservative district is going to be represented by a moderate to progressive Democrat any time soon? Not going to happen.

I certainly think these Dems should be challenged on issues like ending the Iraq war and some of their positions on social issues like abortion (they tend to be economically populist, however) but Democrats like these in those conservative districts are the best we're likely to get. I'd much rather have a conservative Dem who's going to vote for Pelosi for Speaker and serve under Democratic committee chairs than to have a Republican in the seat. Where I think a lot of this energy would preferably be pointed is to safely Democratic districts that need a progressive infusion. Here in Maryland Donna Edwards is mounting a strong challenge to incumbent Albert Wynn, who sides too often with corporate interests against the wishes of the state. The winner of the Wynn-Edwards primary will easily win the general election and the seat remains in the hands of the Democrats.

That seems a lot more pragmatic and useful in the long run to me. Then again, I'm clearly more moderate to conservative on a few issues (crime, economics, national security) than the "average" Democratic base voter, so your mileage may vary.

(This goes for the Senate too, where I think America is better served with Bill Nelson from Florida than his '06 opponent Katherine Harris, and we would be better off with Harold Ford over Bob Corker)

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September 05, 2007

That Fred Thompson Sure Likes To Bobble His Head

See below the jump...

Continue reading "That Fred Thompson Sure Likes To Bobble His Head" »

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George Bush Is A Liar


A previously undisclosed exchange of letters shows that President Bush was told in advance by his top Iraq envoy in May 2003 of a plan to "dissolve Saddam's military and intelligence structures," a plan that the envoy, L. Paul Bremer, said referred to dismantling the Iraqi Army.

Mr. Bremer provided the letters to The New York Times on Monday after reading that Mr. Bush was quoted in a new book as saying that American policy had been "to keep the army intact" but that it "didn't happen."

Rule #1 of the Bush Years: Don't believe your eyes.

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Fred Thompson's Political Calculus

So, Fred Thompson is going to blow off New Hampshire primary voters in a debate on the conservative Fox News in exchange for a Hollywood appearance with Jay Leno?

Um, okay.

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New HRC Ad: Ready For Change

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Cops Catch Terrorists In Germany

Once again, law enforcement and police action continue their trend of stopping and capturing terrorists and would-be terrorists.

>> "Terror" Plot Disrupted By Law Enforcement, Again
>> FBI Disrupts Possible Terror Attack
>> Fighting Terror As Police Action

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What A Spectaculary Bad President We Have

George Bush: "We're kicking ass in Iraq". That is, if you don't actually pay attention to what's happening in Iraq.

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The Religion Of Hillary Clinton

There is an article in Mother Jones seeking to explore Hillary Clinton's religious beliefs and the somewhat strange way in which she happens to worship with some of the people considered her idealogical enemies. What is a little strange is that it's co-written by Jeff Sharlett, who I ate lunch with once (he contextualized for me the idea that the religious left in the black church is key to Democratic success) and is one of the few people writing on religion in a non-ridiculous way (his article on Ron Luce's Battlecry is a must-read). But it has this passage:

These days, Clinton has graduated from the political wives' group into what may be Coe's most elite cell, the weekly Senate Prayer Breakfast. Though weighted Republican, the breakfast—regularly attended by about 40 members—is a bipartisan opportunity for politicians to burnish their reputations, giving Clinton the chance to profess her faith with men such as Brownback as well as the twin terrors of Oklahoma, James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, and, until recently, former Senator George Allen (R-Va.). Democrats in the group include Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor, who told us that the separation of church and state has gone too far; Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is also a regular.

The way that is worded makes it seem as if the prayer breakfast is a hub of conservative pols - because clearly Mark Pryor and Joe Lieberman wouldn't attend otherwise. By association this seems to say Sen. Clinton is as conservative as they are. But there is another Democrat currently running for president who was regularly an attendee at the Senate Prayer Breakfast.

John Edwards. And I don't think anybody is arguing that Sen. Edwards is conservative. In fact, there's something of a case to be made that he's the most left-leaning of the mainstream Democratic field (I happen to think that on policy there isn't an inch worth of daylight between the Democratic frontrunners). So this idea of the prayer breakfast as the hub of Sen. Clinton being a right-winger is kind of a misnomer, I think.

I think conservatives go too far when they want to impose religious law on all the rest of us, but some liberals can be similarly silly when they want liberal pols to excise all their religious beliefs in favor of some kind of purity.

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News Links 9.5.07

Breaking News links for 9/5/07

NY Cops Troll Craig's List For Prostitution
Shaq To Wife: I Want A Divorce!
Jude Law Arrested
Republican Senator Larry Craig May Try To Survive Gay Bathroom Sex Scandal
Jessica Alba Doing Nintendo Wii Workout
Juanita Bynum: "I Forgive My Husband" Thomas Weeks For Beating Me
Wanda Nara In Sex Tape Controversy
Cheney Tells Right Wing Think Tanks: Beat Drums For War Vs. Iran
Virginia Teen Killed Sister With A Sledgehammer, Raped Her
ACLU: Secret Docs Show US Troops Breaking Law In Iraq War
Enough! More Tainted Toys From China To Be Recalled
Halle Berry Is Pregnant, Report Says
Claim: Google CEO's Gal Pal In Charge Of Cell Phone PR
Jessica Alba: Kissing Dane Cook Was Like Kissing A Dummy
Austrian Gov't In Crackdown On Nazi Saluting Soldiers
Book: Clark Gable Was Gay
UK Pinup Jodie Marsh Marries MTV Husband
Kelly Clarkson Restarts Aborted Tour
Claim: New iPod Is Radio iPod
Britney Spears Swears On New Album, Says "Fuck" And "Bitch"

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September 04, 2007

From The Annals Of Bull**** Conservative Legal Theory

The main thing you must understand about conservative legal theory, is that it is like the plot of a movie starring a Playboy Playmate or a Buffalo Bills Superbowl ring: It does not exist.

It is simply made up, the fevered fantasy of some jagoff who has a Ronald Reagan poster on his wall and prays at the altar of George W. Bush.

From the NY Times profile of Jack Goldsmith:

The heroes of Goldsmith’s book — his historical models of presidential leadership in wartime — are Presidents Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both of them, as Arthur Schlesinger noted in his essay “War and the Constitution,” “were lawyers who, while duly respecting their profession, regarded law as secondary to political leadership.” In Goldsmith’s view, an indifference to the political process has ultimately made Bush a less effective wartime leader than his greatest predecessors. Surprisingly, Bush, who is not a lawyer, allowed far more legalistic positions in the war on terror to be adopted in his name, without bothering to try to persuade Congress and the public that his positions were correct. “I don’t know if President Bush understood how extreme some of the arguments were about executive power that some people in his administration were making,” Goldsmith told me. “It’s hard to know how he would know.”

The Bush administration’s legalistic “go-it-alone approach,” Goldsmith suggests, is the antithesis of Lincoln and Roosevelt’s willingness to collaborate with Congress. Bush, he argues, ignored the truism that presidential power is the power to persuade. “The Bush administration has operated on an entirely different concept of power that relies on minimal deliberation, unilateral action and legalistic defense,” Goldsmith concludes in his book. “This approach largely eschews politics: the need to explain, to justify, to convince, to get people on board, to compromise.”

The other thing you should learn is that like Colin Powell, Paul Bremer, and numerous others who have served in this administration in the civilian and military leadership, Jack Goldsmith is a coward. They are cowards who wait until hundreds of people are dead, the constitution is already urinated on, and the honor of the United States besmirched before they meekly raise their hands and clear their throats in protest. They are much like a getaway driver who guns the engine as the perpetrator hops in the car, blood running from his arms, then protests later that he didn't realize anybody had gotten hurt. They are almost as morally repugnant as the violators.

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Fantasy Football Rap

It is for things like this why Al Gore got together with God and invented the Interweb Tubes.

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Republican Rap Sheet

Rudy Giuliani organizer steps down after sexual extortion charge.

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The Surge Is Working!

Iraq, of course, where else? From the GAO report, and not the White House authored Petraeus spin report:

It is unclear whether sectarian violence in Iraq has decreased–a key security benchmark–since it is difficult to measure perpetrators’ intents, and various other measures of population security from different sources show differing trends. As displayed in figure 4 (see above), average daily attacks against civilians have remained unchanged from February to July 2007.

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Hillary Clinton Continues To Do A Bad Job Of Hiding Bill Clinton, The "Liability" To Her Campaign (According To Conservatives)

Nobody tell Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds. Facts collide with reality in Iowa yesterday:


Senator Clinton continues to campaign with her husband, the last successful U.S. president.

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The Insular Society

See No Evil

As conservative blogs have become more distanced from reality (The surge is working! Bush is popular! Americans love useless wars!) they increasingly become self-reinforcing and referential, unable to accommodate any outside information that doesn't hew to the party line of the moment.

In other words, they're becoming more like the Bush administration.

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Sympathy For My Mom

Talked to my mom this morning to commiserate with her since her party just lost control in Jamaica after 18 years of power. The PNP (the People's National Party), like the Democrats, got much too complacent and let the JLP (Jamaica Labor Party) come on strong and energized.

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September 02, 2007

October Gonzalez

If you've been watching HBO's Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Kansas City Chiefs, you've seen one of the greatest things ever in high definition. That would be October Gonzales, the wife of KC Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzales.

Holy cow.

October Gonzales

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Republicans Are Farking Children

Faced with Democratic consultant Bob Shrum, no great spinner, simply rebutting her false smears and lies about Democrats, the odious Mary Matalin gets so angry she slings a pen across the table at him. Really. On television. Really. On national television in a supposedly adult mature conversation about politics.


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Clinton's Four Goals

Sen. Clinton has a new stump speech today. Right now I think Edwards has the best one, followed by Obama. Sen. Clinton is never going to rival them for oratory skill but if she has a more or less simple message that can be repeated Bush '04 style ("Strong leadership in times of change") it will be a considerable help.

“Restore America’s standing in the world.”
“Rebuild America’s middle class and the economy to support it.”
“Reform our government.”
“Reclaim the future for our children.”

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Maybe Because We Live In 2007

I don't have any problem with hunting per se, and enjoy fishing myself, but I gotta look at this story about hunting declining and think that it's a little silly to hunt an animal when 90% of us live within blocks of a supermarket.

New figures from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service show that the number of hunters 16 and older declined by 10 percent between 1996 and 2006 - from 14 million to about 12.5 million. The drop was most acute in New England, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific states, which lost 400,000 hunters in that span.

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My Fantasy Football Starters (For Now)

Well, our draft was just finished, and my strategy to pick Peyton Manning in the first round was thwarted. Still, I'm still relatively pleased. Yes, I know I have a lot of Redskins players. It's hard to avoid for me.

QB Philip Rivers
WR Isaac Bruce
WR Eddie Kennison
WR Drew Bennett
RB Clinton Portis
RB Ladell Betts
TE Chris Cooley
K Joe Nedney
DEF New England

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September 01, 2007

The Oliver Willis Show #1

The video blog mess of a thing returns, now with even less focused content.

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August 31, 2007

John Warner Retirement = Blue Virginia

As I've documented before recent Democratic wins in Virginia have been sort of a lead-up to that state going blue in the next election. Both the Governor and junior Senator are Democrats, and you've got to figure if Mark Warner runs for the seat it's his to lose. Virginia Dems will likely be extra-energized to get a sweep and it will help the Democratic nominee, whoever it may be.

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Hillary Clinton Top 10 On Letterman

Some good ones.

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GOP 2008: More Of The Same

The Republican party is torn between the American people, who seek to move away from the Bush years as soon as possible, and the Republican base who is deluded beyond reason about the leadership skills of President Bush and the utility of the war in Iraq. As such, they're floating names like Tommy Franks for a vice presidential position. Franks, you will remember, was one of the architects of the failing Iraq strategy - one of the generals who abdicated his duty and instead told the leadership what they wanted to learn to in exchange for American security and lives. The Republican party in 2008 is the same old crap we've had for the last 7 years. They've just changed the names.

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More GOP Dirty Tricks: Iraq Edition

Anyone surprised? I'm not.

This morning, the Washington Post has a story on how lawmakers are being “slimed in the Green Zone” when they travel to Iraq for congressional delegation trips. Reps. James Moran (D-VA), Jon Porter (R-NV), and Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) recently returned from such a trip. While there, Tauscher and Moran noticed sheets of paper that “seemed to be everywhere” in the Green Zone, “distributed to Iraqi officials, U.S. officials and uniformed military of no particular rank.”

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Audio Of Larry Craig's Interrogation

Don't know how you come back from that, even as a Republican.

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August 30, 2007

Anti Immigration Activists Tell The Truth, Yell "White Power"

At least these kids are much more honest than Tom Tancredo and a lot of the conservative Republicans.

It started with a simple question and ended with at least one student chanting "white power" in a classroom.

It happened Tuesday in a classroom at Holy Family High School, the Catholic school that sits at the corner of 144th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard in Broomfield.

The classroom discussion started with the question: Why do students need to learn Spanish?

According to the Archdiocese of Denver, the conversation soon became about immigration and it turned ugly.

"It became a heated discussion and some rhetoric was used that was inappropriate for the classroom," said Jeanette DeMelo, spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Denver.

At least one e-mail sent to 9NEWS said that at least one student started a chant of "white power" and some said that all Mexicans should go back to Mexico.

By no coincidence the Univision-sponsored Spanish language debate for the GOP has been postponed and likely canceled because only one candidate had agreed to appear. This is actually the one area where Karl Rove is right. The Republican party is doing its damnedest to stand against the fastest growing demographic in America, and while things may work out for them in the short term by scaring up the conservative white vote, it is long term doom.

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An Honest Question From A Straight Guy To Gay Folks

Why in God's name is the public bathroom a hookup spot?

As longtime readers know I support equal rights for gays, gay marriage, etc. I just don't get why anyone gay or straight would pick somewhere as totally ick as a bathroom.

This is an honest question.

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